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About Bali


Bali has a tropical monsoon climate.

The island lies close to the equator, therefore it is always warm and in fact only has 2 seasons: the dry- and rain season. The average temperature is stable during the whole year. By day the average is 28┬░ C and by night the average is 22┬░ C. Also the temperature of the seawater is stable during the whole year with an average of 28┬░ C.

The dry season runs from May till November and the rain season from November till May. During the rain season, it can be cloudless for days, but when it starts raining, the rain shower is short but heavy. Typically for the tropic regions, it rains during the late afternoon or in the evening, whereas the mornings are generally clear and sunny.



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What can do you in the North East of Bali?

  • walking and/or cycling in the surroundings,
  • climbing mountains and enjoying the splendid view,
  • diving (padi-club next to the villa),
  • rafting,
  • parasailing,
  • searching for dolphins in Banyalit,
  • attending several ceremonies
  • visits to original Balinese villages,
  • visit Bedugul with its typical vegetables and fruit market,
  • visit Tampaksiring, the palace of Soekarno,
  • visit Gowa Lawah, bat caves,
  • visit Besakih, the mother temple,
  • visit Ujung, water palace,
  • ...



Travel documents

You will need a visa to travel to Indonesia.
When you stay not longer than 30 days, you can obtain a visa at your arrival on the airport (average price 25 EUR).
However, if you whish to stay longer than 30 days, you must apply for a visa before your departure.



To pay in Bali

The currency in Indonesia is the Indonesian Rupiah.
As an indication, the exchange rate on 09/2013: 1 Euro = 12500 IDR.
The Euro is been accepted everywhere on the island and is nowadays even easier to exchange then the USD. (Note that certain serials of the USD are refused).
Luxury expenses such as diving trips can always be paid in Euro. Indonesia has an extended network of ATM' s for VISA/Cirrus/Maestro.




The official language is the Bahasa Indonesia. English is commonly understood and spoken.



Time difference

GMT +8




Note: in Bali you should drive on the left side of the road and hooting has become a national sport!

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